How it Works

The system includes all itineraries with information and GPS tracks from the BEST network.
The itineraries are divided between those mainly on asphalt or dirt, dedicated to road, trekking, or gravel bikes, and off-road ones dedicated to mountain bikes They are then divided into those of the general itinerary, which connect all the locations covered by the bike hotels of the BEST network, and the ring itineraries, which start and arrive in the same place or bike hotel.

Starting from the map, click on one of the itineraries. A small window will open with the first information about the route. Clicking on the link will open the dedicated page with more details.

By clicking on the icon of one of the Bike Hotels in the BEST network, you can view all the circular routes that start and end in that particular hotel.

Following the “View Full Version” link will open the Ride With GPS app page, which we suggest you download on your phone, with further details and different track export possibilities (GPX, KML, CSV, and so on). By clicking on “Send to Device”, you can send the track to your navigation device.

There are 3 buttons above the map: “Enter”, “General Map”, “Tour Kit”. By clicking on “Enter”, you will enter the route you are currently viewing in your “Tour Kit”. At the top, in the “Tour Kit” button, you can check at any time how many routes have been entered.

Browsing the maps and entering your chosen routes you can generate your personal Tour Kit. Click on the “Tour Kit” button or on the link on the home page to view the contents of your Tour Kit. Give it a name, enter your data, press the “Download Tour-Kit” button to receive an email with all the links of your Tour Kit and the list of Bike Hotels and BEST network partners directly in your email.

Start building your Tour Kit right away starting from the General Map.